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Find the Perfect Supplier of Steel Storage Lockers

It does not matter whether you operate a large food store, restaurant, school, manufacturing plant, or agricultural setting, if you have many employees, then you will want steel storage lockers. As a trusted supplier of these lockers, we offer a wide range, including the wire-mesh lockers.


More About Wire-Mesh Lockers

wire lockerThe wire-mesh lockers are see-through. These units can be used for storage of worker clothing, shoes, and valuables. The wire-cage frame provides transparency, making it difficult for people to hide prohibited goods.  With the see-through cages, the risk of possible theft is eliminated. The units are powder-coat finished and thus rust-proof. We offer units with single, double, or four compartments. Each of the wire mesh lockers comes with the easy lock systems.


Other Locker Types

As a supplier of quality-steel storage lockers, we recognise the need to cater to different storage needs. Take a look at some of the units in our product portfolio:

  • LO17: The upright unit doesn’t take up a lot of floor space. It comes with six compartments and is thus perfect for places such as gyms, schools or even retail stores where workers simply need space to keep their valuables safe.


  • L012: The attractive unit has three compartments and can be used in a backpacker setting for storage of valuables. It comes with a powder coat finish, air-vents and attractive lock handles. The compartments have considerable vertical storage space.


  • L010: The unit comes with two compartments. It has the standard powder coat finish, but the brown-grey colour makes it perfect for executive shower or ablutions.


  • L005: The single door unit has space for hanging clothing such as pants while it also comes with an upper shelf for valuables. It is well-suited for storage of sports bags and equipment. It comes with the brown-grey powder coat finish.


The steel storage lockers work perfectly in ablution settings, schools, medical facilities, bus stops, and airports.

While these lockers are important, so are gentlemen’s cupboards for the executive offices. As proud suppliers of a wide range of warehouse, lift, and storage equipment, we also cover the area of cupboards fully. A few of the products in this range are introduced below.


The steel cupboard has a bright yellow powder-coat finish to distinguish it from the other cupboards in the workplace. It comes with four stainless-steel drip trays and perforated double yellow doors.


WA10 Gents Wardrobe

The steel wire-mesh cages can hardly work in executive set-ups. Instead, opt for these elegant cupboards. The units come in the brown powder-coat finish and have double doors and keys for each. Shelving and hanging space are already included. These units are strong and attractive.


CUO5 Cupboard

We are also a supplier of stationery cupboards. As such, we provide turnkey solutions when it comes to castors, wheels, storage cabinets, and warehouse lift equipment.

View our range of products and get in touch for more information about the wire-mesh and other lockers in our product portfolio. We look forward to hearing from you.