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Top Tips from Your Supplier of Trolleys: How to Safely Use and Care for the Equipment

With a variety of industrial trolleys available, it is not always easy to know how to handle each specific one until you have dealt with the unit itself. Take the drum decanting trolley as an example. Many people are unaware of this brilliant invention and those who have used drum decanting trolleys cannot imagine their work lives without the useful equipment. Drum decanting trolleys are specifically designed to make the process of moving stainless steel drums or other sizeable barrels from Point A to B, rather than for transporting a wide range of goods.

TrolleysRegardless of the type of trolley you own or plan to buy, it is crucial to follow the general guidelines for safe usage. Start by reading the instructions for safe usage for the particular equipment, normally given by the manufacturer or supplier. Below are a couple of methods to use the equipment as available from your supplier of trolleys:

  • Never overload the device and be aware of the maximum load it can carry.
  • Do not apply more force than necessary and try to walk at a relatively slow pace when possible.
  • When unloading the objects, be careful not to place the trolley on an uneven surface or on top of an obstruction.
  • Be cautious of steep slopes.
  • Always spread the load out properly.


Treat Your Equipment with Care

If you want your equipment to last longer, then it is important to look after it. Keep it out of harm’s way in a location where it will not be in the way and where it is safe the risk of damage.

Equipment must be stored in dry areas, free from excessive heat, moisture, and wind. Chemical residue on trolleys, as the result of spills, must be cleaned up immediately.

Do not ignore the condition of the wheels. The small sack trolley is an example. It is quite strong and durable, but if you do not buy the right wheels, then your load will be at risk, even though the trolley can take a bit of beating. Do not skimp on quality when replacing the wheels, as sub-standard castor wheels can easily break or malfunction, which can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle or the loss of an expensive load. Check that nothing is stuck in the wheels that might hinder the pushing or pulling of the device before you use it.


Train Your Employees

Training staff to use transportation equipment should be your number one priority when buying new units or when hiring new members. Place a list of the rules and guides for proper handling of the equipment somewhere visible and accessible. This will ensure that all workers have a written reference at any time they are unsure of the proper procedures.

With all types of trolleys, there are separate usage details that can be daunting to remember if not applied daily. Thus, the better informed the workers are, the lower the risk of having to make emergency trips that could have been avoided for the most part. Just because something seems simple and harmless, like the bin trolley, it does not mean you can carelessly deal with it. Imagine the chaos it could cause if a fully loaded bin trolley tips over in the middle of your warehouse. To avoid hazardous situations, share these usage tips with employees:

  • If you do not have the strength to move the vehicle alone, ask a friend to do it with you.
  • Always do a thorough check before starting to load the unit to make sure it is in a usable condition.
  • Wear any and all safety gear provided, including proper footwear that will protect you from getting hurt.
  • Do not ever handle any equipment when not in a sober state, as it could get treacherous.
  • Inspect the intended path and plan a route around obstacles.
  • Use the brakes when the trolley is not in use to avoid accidental movement of the equipment.
  • Move around only in properly illuminated areas where the surface is stable and clear from rubble.


Find a Reputable Supplier of Trolleys

Another very important aspect of safety in the workplace has to do with where you get your equipment. Quality industrial equipment plays a significant role in the successful trade of your business. If you have not already found a supplier of trolleys that you can trust, it is time to do so. Get quotes online and read reviews to get an idea of the type of supplier you are dealing with.

Maintenance costs can go through the roof if your equipment is not of an impeccable standard. Inspect all new gear before making any purchases. Your equipment budget will determine to some level the standard of trolleys you can get from the supplier, but it should not be the main deal breaker. Rather opt for quality and safe-to-use equipment.


Your Options

trolleyMany types of transportation devices are available for your store, and they all work for specific tasks to streamline the workflow. Our three versions of the stock picking unit are, for instance, all for the same use, but some for heavier duties than others.

The two smaller ones can both carry up to 150 kg and the largest has a load capacity of 240 kg. The options we offer are between polypropylene and steel, with the big stock unit boasting three layers and the other types two each. These are all suited for universal use, as they can come in handy for almost any type of business. Whether you want to use the trolleys for moving food to customers, restocking shelves, or just transporting products in a simpler way, the sturdy units are built to last and to ease your workload.

When it comes to equipment designed to carry a specific load, such as gas or oxygen bottle trolleys, we also do not disappoint as a leading supplier of trolleys in South Africa. Our single and double gas units both have a load capacity of 200 kg. They are also fitted with safety chains to avoid the accidental dropping of the cylinders. The nose lengths, wheel diameter, and height dimensions are the same. We are also a supplier of the single and double LPG trolleys. The single one has the same capacity as the others mentioned while the twin piece can load and extra 100 kg. They all come with safety chains. These units are must-have equipment for anyone working with heavy gas bottles on a daily basis.

When it comes to the bin trolleys mentioned earlier, we offer two options. One features a lid, and the other is open. The main material in either case is polyethylene with 100 mm castors, but you can opt for larger wheels. These units are the best choice if you need to move rubbish or other loose products that require a significant container to be transported.

We are also a supplier of the flat surfaced dolly trolleys in plywood or plastic, with the latter being stackable for optimal space saving when the units are stored. They both have swivel and fixed castors for maximum movability, with the wooden one having options for various castor types.

Optimal and safe workflow starts with the selection of the right equipment from your supplier of trolleys, followed by correct usage according to safety guidelines. It is also imperative to buy from a supplier that offers an extensive range of quality industrial equipment. We have a comprehensive range that includes everything from trolleys to ladders, castors, wheels, and cabinets. With competitive prices and superb after-sales service offered, we help you to get the best equipment for the job.