Suppliers of Industrial Ladders in South Africa

Suppliers of Industrial Ladders in South Africa: Types and Sizes Available

We offer an extensive range of ladders, including extension single-sided, lean-to single, A-frame single, and double-sided ladders. Our product range includes fully fibreglass non-conductive, fibreglass-and-aluminium non-conductive, and aluminium ladders. Everything from mobile stepladders to units with a height of more than 16 m form part of the extensive range. To give you an indication of what is on offer, we take a closer look at extension ladders, while also introducing some of the A-frame and double-sided stepladders in the product range.


Extension Ladders

extension ladderAn extension ladder is basically a ladder than can be pulled out and extended to reach a point higher up. It can be retracted to the normal size for working at a lower height. It normally has two sections that move with guides or brackets. These brackets make it possible to adjust the height it can reach. The self-supporting type has two sections that are attached. When closed the two sections face it each other. The ladder can be deployed as a normal self-supporting ladder or the one section can be flipped over with the use of the bracket system. It locks in place. When done, the ladder is double its height, but then requires a wall or supporting structure against which it can be placed. The slide extension type has the two sections next to each other and the slide bracket is used for guiding the part that must be extended. This type requires a wall or sturdy surface against which it can lean for safe operation. In most instances, extension ladders are not self-supported.


Extension ladders have three advantages:

  • Provides the ability to reach beyond the normal height of the ladder.
  • Folds up or contracts to take up less space than when it is extended. This makes it possible to transport a relatively long ladder with ease.
  • In the folded or contracted state, the ladder requires less storage space.


Important Aspects to Keep in Mind

The safety or lock system must be sturdy and must lock properly for safe operation. The lock system must be able to support the weight of the ladder, user, and the equipment to be carried. In many instances, extension ladders have rung locks, which lock the two sections in place. These locks are fixed to one section and fit snugly over the ones on the extended section. The long frame type extension ladder usually comes with a rope and pulley, with the top attached to the extending ladder’s lowest rung. The rope is passed through the pulley at the top and comes back down to the mechanism where it is fixed. With this type, the rope-and-pulley system makes it easier to extend the ladder.

Most extension ladders come with anti-slip rubber footing for an extra grip on the surface. Because the extension ladder doesn’t have four feet, as with the normal stepladder, it can easily slip on a slippery or smooth surface if it had a metal or fibreglass footing. As such, the product usually comes with non-slip rubber footing. As a trusted supplier of industrial ladders in South Africa, we offer a comprehensive range of extension ladders, of which some are briefly discussed below.


FG Range: Fibreglass heavy-duty extension ladders for industrial use. These adders are non-conductive, making them suited for electrical applications. They come with D-shaped aluminium rungs, with some models having V-rollers and safety chains, as well as swivelling safety feet. The equipment in this range can handle a workload of 135 kg.


LFG-PU Range: Fibreglass commercial duty extension. The push-up extension ladders are made from fibreglass for medium-duty applications. With the manufacturing material being fibreglass, the ladders are non-conductive and can thus be used for electrical applications. The ladders have non-slip rubber feet and box rungs for safety. The products can be used for workloads of up to 115 kg.


CSE Range: Aluminium commercial step and extension ladders. Made for industrial use, the combination step-and-extension ladder has a safe load rating of up to 115 kg. It comes with a stabiliser bar and non-slip rubber feet, as well as a D-style rung to eliminate twisting. The easy-to-handle ladder is well-suited for most commercial and industrial applications, except for electrical applications. The aluminium doesn’t rust and, because it is a lightweight material, the ladder is easy to carry and transport and doesn’t take up a lot of storage space. As such, it is well-suited for the handyman, painter, and normal contractor applications.


HDE Range: Aluminium heavy-duty extension. The ladders in this range are manufactured for heavy-duty industrial applications. Features such as the rope-and-pulley system, rubber non-slip feet, and heavy-duty D-rings are included. The ladders can be safely used for workloads of up to 135 kg. We offer double- and triple-extension options. Our range includes ladders that can extend to reach heights of around 9 m to as high as 20,1 m.


Apart from the lean-to extension ladders in aluminium and fibreglass, we offer the conventional lean-to commercial industrial ladders and self-stabilised ladders. Some of these ladders are briefly noted below.


CSL Range: Industrial single aluminium ladder. For conventional industrial or commercial applications, we offer the lean-to industrial ladder that has a load capacity of 115 kg, D-style rung to eliminate twisting, rubber non-slip footing, and lightweight frame. It is the perfect product for home, commercial and industrial applications such as getting onto a roof or working at heights of 3 to 6 m, depending on the ladder selected. We offer from 10- to 20-step ladders in this range.


FGS All Range: Fibreglass industrial A-frame. The full-fibreglass frame makes this the perfect ladder for electrical contractors. It has two pairs of feet and a conventional A-frame. This type is also available as a single ladder. The steps are also made from fibreglass. It comes with non-slip rubber feet and can handle a workload of up to 135 kg. Our range includes from for 4-step to 16-step ladders (and from 4 to 4,8 m).


fibreglass ladderFGS Range: Industrial A-frame. Made from fibreglass with aluminium steps, the single and double-sided ladders are rated for safe workloads of up to 135 kg. The products have non-slip rubber feet. These units are suited for electrical applications because of the fibreglass frames and rubber feet. We offer ladders from 1,2 m with four steps to 4,8 m with 16 steps.


LAS Range: Industrial A-frame aluminium. Made for industrial applications with a workload rating for up to 135 kg, these products come with rubber non-slip feet, heavy-duty riveted and wide footsteps. With such features, these units are well-suited for work such as painting, ceiling repairs and more. The range includes ladders from 0,9 m with three steps to 4,8 m with 16 steps.


LASD Range: Extra-heavy-duty industrial aluminium. The A-frame, double-sided stepladders can handle workloads of up to 135 kg and come with rubber non-slip feet. The units have wide-tread steps on both sides. With the double-sided feature, two workers can use a ladder at the same time. Our range includes ladders of 1,2 m with four steps to 3,6 m with 12 steps.


As trusted suppliers of equipment ranging from castors, castor wheels and trolleys to industrial ladders, we offer an extensive range of products for commercial and industrial use. The above products are available through our branches or can be ordered online. Get in touch for more information and to place your order.