Swivel Castors

Benefits of Quality Castors

Castors are heavy-duty wheels that are typically used in industrial settings. Trolleys and shelves often run on these wheels to make them easier to move around. Shopping trolleys also exclusively use these wheels, making them easy to wheel through the aisles of a supermarket or department store. Various office chairs and tables make use of them as well, so it is certainly a ubiquitous design that we see every day. Commonly available in swivel and fixed versions, they make the heavy things to which they are attached very easy to move around. CasLad offers an extensive selection to give you the freedom of choice to find the right wheel for your needs.

Airports and large grocery retailers have trolleys that are used daily to cart luggage and groceries around. With these trolleys being in constant use daily, they need particularly durable wheels. Swivel castors allow these trolleys to turn on a dime and grant easy control over their direction of travel. The main function of any wheel is to create an almost frictionless contact patch between the object and the surface on which it travels. Whether that object is propelled by an engine or the pushing force of a human, the wheels have the same function in each case. Therefore, the wheels must not only match the trolley, but also the type of surface it will deal with for optimal performance and durability.


Wheels for Your Trolleys

The type of wheels selected for a trolley or similar equipment is critical for its safety and handling. The choice of wheels and the supplier you get them from are, therefore, very important. This holds true for any vehicle, from a car to, on a small scale, trolleys as well. Since trolleys do not have steering wheels that can point the wheels in the right direction, swivel castors are used to help you turn the nose of the trolley in the right direction and make it easy to handle and steer. Our selection of wheels starts with the SER series.

Consisting of a rubber tyre and a polypropylene centre wheel with a roller bearing, the SER series delivers an all-round quality choice for trolleys. This castor wheel features a plate attachment and is available in braked, swivel, and fixed variations to suit your needs. Normally, you would use the braked wheels for the rear of the trolley and the swivel wheels for the front. As a result, you will have a trolley that can slow down and turn with ease. The SER is available in five different wheel diameters to ensure that you can find the right ones for your application. The load capacity of the SER is rated at 90 to an impressive 250 kg per wheel, depending on the model you select.

If you are looking for a more basic approach to swivel castors, our NY series has a plain nylon wheel with no bearings. Also available in brake, swivel, and fixed variants, the NY series is available in three sizes. The 80-mm derivative can carry a maximum of 90 kg, the 100-mm version 120 kg and the 125-mm derivative 140 kg. This makes the NY series a sensible choice for a variety of different industrial solutions. Irrespective of its size or weight rating, the NY series models share a common plate size of 104 x 80 mm and a common bolt spacing of 76 x 56 mm, using 8-mm bolts.

CasLad is your supplier of a variety of swivel castors for your business. Our selection offers a comprehensive approach to ensure that you will certainly be able to find the right wheels for your trolleys. Please browse our website to discover our different ranges, with images and specifications to inform you of their abilities, specifications, and functions.