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Castor shopping? Roll on over to our website or warehouse for one of the widest selections of castors in the country 🛞 Reliable quality, with reliable stock levels. Don’t know where to start? Speak to our expert sales team about the best fit for your fleet. Explore the range here.

The Castor Masters

Not all castors are made equal, and a Caslad castor is top of the ranks. From heavy-duty cast iron, to premium vulcanised rubber — trust our castor masters to help find you the right fit. Explore the range.

Monday Blues

The best kind of Monday blues. From entry level to heavy duty loads, speak to us about every kind of castor. See the range


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Unlock the potential of your equipment with our wide selection of quality #castors. From light to heavy-duty applications, our products are designed for optimal performance, durability & easy installation. Browse the range



Premium VBR Castors

Move faster with a reliable castor 🙌  Our premium vulcanised rubber castors are rolling solo in a league of their own. Abrasion resistant, with a load capacity of 200KGs – 350KGs, available in a single or double ball bearing.  

Footmaster castor

Footmaster castors are unique levelling castors that combine a nylon wheel and an anti-vibration rubber foot in one handy small unit. Don’t be fooled by its compact size, the Footmaster castor has a load capacity of 50KGs – 750KGs.

Stainless Steel Castors

CASLAD’s Stainless Steel Castors can be exposed to extreme temperatures such as cold storage or bakeries; making them well suited for environments with strict hygiene regulations. Discover the range 👉

Gate Kits

CASLAD’s Gate Kits include 2x castors and 2x roller guides. Available with or without brackets and in various sizes. Browse the range👉

Nylon and polyurethane replacement steel scaffold castors

Maintaining your Steel Self-Lock Scaffolding Tower doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Nylon and polyurethane replacement steel scaffold castors, now available for individual purchase. Bag yours here 👉

MLH Mobile Safety Ladder

Need to get to the top? Seems to be a trending theme this month. Especially for the 456 players on Squid Game. That Netflix show has risen so far to the top that we feel bad for anyone in the dark. Especially a poorly lit dormitory. Imagine not being able to relate to a single internet meme, on every social media platform in existence? And now we’re adding our blog to the list!


So if you find yourself a little overwhelmed at the thought of unsafe elevation (via a tug of war platform or other), we’re happy to report the MLH Mobile Safety Ladder will get you there without the threat of falling to your doom. And in addition to zero mortal threats, you can choose from eight different sizes with heights ranging from 0.45m to 3,68m. It’s also designed with non-slip steps and hand railings, so you can rest assured that getting to the top of your warehouse comes with a lot less blunt force trauma. 


Still obsessing over red jumpsuits and a giant plastic piggy bank suspended from the roof?  It’s okay, we’ve got our eye on the prize too. Along with their ability to be fully mobile, these ladders come with two 100mm Fixed Castors and two 100mm Swivel Brake castors, so they won’t move an inch if you don’t want them to. They’re also coated with a zinc plated finish for some extra protection from the elements. 

For a fast turnaround and consistent stock levels, check out the MLH Mobile Safety Ladder from CASLAD here.  We don’t recommend losing your marbles in this game either, over finding the perfect ladder 😉