Top-Quality Trolleys

Trolleys for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Trolleys are useful product-transportation equipment for commercial retailers, industrial factories, and storage facilities. They come in a spectrum of sizes and designs to do all manner of materials-handling jobs. Whether it is to stack cases of soft drinks or transport heavy gas bottles, top-quality trolleys will always be indispensable toting equipment. CasLad is a supplier of trolleys for both commercial and industrial uses. Our selection covers almost anything that you could possibly need for your business. We also offer castors to provide a variety of wheel options for our trolleys.

Our selection begins with a basic, yet clever, trolley design. The folding-nose trolley is easy to use and offers compact storage with its folding base that can retract. Its tubular construction grants a solid structure and easy handling. It has a maximum load capacity of 180 kg, with a nose length of 450 mm to give it an ample loading-platform area. A stairclimbing wheel conversion is also available for this trolley, as well as a version with pneumatic tyres.


Our Coke trolley is a top-quality trolley that has been specially designed to stack cases of soft-drink cans or liquor bottles. Its sturdy tubular and flat-bar construction lends itself to rough handling. It has a load capacity of 225 kg and a nose length of 270 mm to provide the necessary leverage. The wheel diameter is 200 mm to ensure that the trolley can handle slightly uneven terrain with relative ease. It can also be pulled up stairs, as the wheels are open and exposed on the sides of the trolley.

If you need a top-quality trolley for order picking and general warehouse functionality, our stock-picking trolley offers a perfect solution. This trolley is available with either two or three tiers and has a handle on the top tier for easy control when pushing it. You also have a choice between a galvanised and a powder-coated finish, making the stock-picker viable for many work environments. This trolley has a maximum load capacity of 240 kg and is available in two sizes.

For those looking for a top-quality, heavy-duty trolley, we offer our pallet jack. A pallet jack is ideal for materials-handling applications in warehouses. This type of trolley can handle a large load and carries the load as close to the ground as possible. The resulting low centre of gravity stabilises the trolley and its load. Our pallet jack can handle an impressive load of 3 t and has a 200-mm lift height as well. The forks are available in standard and narrow sizes, depending on your requirements. Its robust construction and reliable pump will assure that this pallet jack is the sturdy and durable materials-handling companion you need for your daily applications.

CasLad offers a wide selection of top-quality trolleys to our customers. We also offer a spectrum of castors to complement our trolley selection. If you want more information on our available products, please browse our website for images and further specifications. Choose us for all your commercial-equipment requirements today and gain access to a comprehensive selection of trolleys and castors for your business.