Tower Ladder

What You Need to Know About the Tower Ladder

If you need a variety of ladders to work at various heights, the design and materials used in the manufacturing process are important in the decision-making process. Buying a selection of ladders for your requirements must be done with care and forethought. One particular ladder, the tower ladder, is becoming more popular in a variety of industries. Tower ladders should not be confused with aerial ladders and ladder towers.

Tower ladders are considered specialised access platforms. These ladders are typically designed for industrial use or for use in potentially harsh environments. As they are designed to reach exceptional heights, its moving and placement must always be carefully considered and planned. When the ladder tower is in a horizontal position, the ladder unit can fit easily through a single door space. The lockable castor wheels must always be used to secure the unit in place. Once the tower ladder is positioned, it can be further stabilised by means of its adjustable outriggers. These ladders are considered heavy-duty and professional equipment.

Tower ladders are used in various industries and environments, including firefighting and rescue operations, as well as in various maintenance operations. This is because these particular ladders are highly versatile and mobile, and because of that, they are extremely useful in a variety of different industries. When properly set up, they can perform in ways that other ladders and platforms simply cannot. In order to make the best possible use of these ladders, positioning and setup strategies must be understood. It is important that a stable and level work position can quickly be achieved with these ladders for safe operation. This can only be guaranteed if workers are shown the correct usage procedures.

As these tower ladders are typically used in rescue or emergency situations (or maintenance operations), time is usually of the essence. When setting up the ladder, certain factors will influence where and how it can be set up. First and foremost, the objective of the operation must be considered. What is the purpose of the rescue and where must workers get to? It is important to assemble the ladder at the correct place or it can be difficult to move around other equipment and apparatus if you end up having to reposition it. The conditions of the environment must be taken into account. Is there a fire present? Which direction is the wind blowing? Are there falling objects? The type of structure that is being worked with must also be considered. The height, size, and dimensions must be carefully considered because, although the unit is compact when being transported, it is fairly awkwardly sized when set up. You must also be aware of any overhead obstructions or structures that must worked around. These include trees, balconies, elevated roads, overhead cables, bridges, and so on.

At Caslad, we offer the versatile Jonno Tower Ladder. This is an exceptional mobile tower ladder that is height adjustable through a range of nearly 3 m. The Jonno Tower Ladder has been very popular on the South African market since its introduction. The tower is designed to be able to reach vertical heights of up to 9 m. The tower and basket are designed to cater to the weight of one man with hand tools. Overloading the unit is not recommend for obvious safety and stability reasons. This can lead to equipment failure, damage, and injury to operators and workers. The castors used in the Jonno Tower Ladder are of the best quality and can be securely locked and easily adjusted. For added peace of mind and safety, each tower ladder is supplied with additional stabilisers. The platform height is always an important consideration when investing in tower ladders. The standard unit height is 4,5 m, which can then be adjusted to a height of up to 7,14 m.

When it comes to transporting access equipment, the final disassembled size and weight is a final important consideration. The Jonno Tower Ladder can dissemble compactly for easy transport from one site to another. As a result of this, these units are also easy to store.

If you would like to learn more about the Jonno Tower Ladder or discover the rest of our access equipment range, simply get in touch with us at Caslad. We are available to discuss your needs and requirements via email or telephone at your earliest convenience.