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Trolleys are widely used throughout the commercial and industrial sectors. They are handy for carrying large quantities of products and pallets with ease. Trolleys are available in a wide selection of unique designs to fit specific applications. Anything from plastic to steel can be used to manufacture these trolleys. As a supplier, CasLad strives to deliver a most comprehensive selection to ensure that our customers can find an ideal solution for their business. Some of these options are feasible for home use as well.

Since trolleys are mostly used to carry large objects that would otherwise be very difficult to carry, they must handle large loading capacities. Therefore, it is vital to choose the ideal trolley for each specific work environment. A plastic version would not work particularly well within an industrial workshop where it has a good chance of catching fire. In this specific setting, a steel frame trolley would be ideal. Today, we will delve into some detail on our available range of trolleys.


An All-Inclusive Trolley Supplier


TrolleysWhen it comes to universal applications, trolleys are commonly used for carrying large pallets and heavy items. Our Folding Nose trolley range caters for almost any sector, delivering a tubular frame design for versatile functionality. As the name suggests, the lower part of the trolley can be folded away for better storage solutions. The strong tubular construction makes this trolley very robust and capable of handling 180 kg in total load capacity. Pneumatic and stairclimbing wheel configurations are available on this versatile trolley to add to its already-versatile nature. As a result, you can choose an ideal configuration for your workspace and desired application.


As a trolley supplier, CasLad delivers a spectrum of options in this department, including basic versions, such as the classic Coke trolley. Designed to carry multiple soda containers on top of one another, the Coke trolley is a classic choice for commercial application. With a sturdy construction that can handle a literal beating, this trolley can stay tough through daily deliveries and constant use. It has a total load capacity of 225 kg to ensure that it can be loaded to the brim. A 200-mm wheel diameter also allows this trolley to easily clear small steps and handle small inclines.


Stockpicking trolleys are specifically designed for order-picking and warehouse applications. These trolleys offer different tiers on which to sort different items and products. They can handle large loads to allow for effective quantity transportation as well. Our stockpicking trolley range that we supply is available in a galvanised or powder-coated finish, dependent on your requirements. With a maximum load capacity of 240 kg, and a single handle to simplify pushing, this trolley is ideal for industrial applications. We offer it in a selection between two and three tiers as well to further your options when looking for a multitier trolley.


If you need a large bin-style trolley for carrying clothes or other materials in large quantities, the Bin trolley is an ideal solution for you. As a supplier, we cater to almost every market in need of quality trolleys for daily application. The Bin trolley is made from polyethylene to grant a strong and sturdy plastic body. This body sits on 100-mm castors, with the option to enlarge the wheels on request. The bin has a maximum capacity of 377 ℓ and can be used for a myriad of applications. In conclusion, CasLad is a trolley supplier with a wide spectrum of trolleys to choose from.


If you are looking for a supplier of industrial and commercial equipment, such as ladders and trolleys, CasLad is the supplier for you. For more information on our available products, as well as different options for each product, feel free to peruse our website for images and specifications. Choose CasLad today and let us supply your business with the necessary tools and equipment to get ahead of the game.