Trolley Wheels

Which Trolley Wheels are Good for Commercial and Industrial Trolleys?

Trolleys are required in many industries, including food and hospitality, medical and healthcare, and in the retail shopping environment. One requirement of a good trolley is that it should move smoothly and effectively, and that it can be easily controlled. Many of these applications depend on the type of trolley wheels incorporated in the design. It is safe to say that most people have tried to use a trolley with an inferior caster or wheel before and the result can be inconvenient and annoying. Have you ever pushed a grocery store trolley along and its wheel keeps spontaneously jamming, twisting, or oscillating? If so, you will know how irritating an inferior product can be to use.

If your business requires trolleys behind the scenes or for the use of your customers, it is important to realise that there are various trolley types to choose from, with various carrying capacities that are often determined by the type of trolley wheels used. One small piece of advice that we can give you is that rubber wheels should be a non-negotiable feature of your trolleys. First and foremost, rubber wheels are quieter and trolleys such equipped are easier to manage than other types. Even on a bumpy surface, the rubber trolley wheel performs well without becoming easily damaged, and providing a smoother ride. To choose the right trolley wheels, you must first think about what sort of load the trolley will be expected to carry, how long you need to the trolley to operate, what sort of manoeuvrability it needs to have and, of course, in what sort of environment it will be used.

If you opt for a rubber trolley wheel product, you are assured of the smoothest ride and and the ability to traverse of bumpy surfaces quietly. Of course, the wheel is not expected to handle all of the load. The structure and the design of the rest of the trolley determines weight distribution and this also comes into play. We stock and supply rubber wheels on a metal core as well as rubber wheels on a plastic core. Simply let us know what your requirements are, or the nature of the load your trolley will need to handle, and we can advise you on which rubber trolley wheels are best suited to your application.

The Caslad trolley wheels are manufactured from thermoplastic rubber and their proprietary technology will leave your interior floors unmarked. Each wheel comes supplied with a nut, bolt and sleeve. They are easily fitted and are available in 50-, 75-, 100-, 125-, 160- and 200-mm sizes. In addition to supplying you with standard trolley wheels, we also custom-design various industrial and commercial trolleys for use in many industries. We can work closely with you to determine what your needs are before we get to work, bringing your plans to life. If we have any advice or see potential problems with your design, you can expect for us to advise you accordingly.

In addition to trolley wheels, you will find various other products in our catalogue, including castors, ladders, mobile ladders, trolleys, storage equipment, scaffolding, conveyors, lockers, cabinets, lifting equipment, racking, shelving, handling equipment, and access equipment.

If you are looking for a range of high-end, top-quality trolley wheels to choose from, waste no more time. Discover what the Caslad range has to offer. Our trolley wheel selection is sure to be one of the most comprehensive selections available anywhere. For more useful information and advice and to learn more about what we can offer you, simply get in touch with us at Caslad. We are available via email and telephone and look forward to assisting you further.