CasLad’s Turntable Trolleys & Folding Nose Trolleys for Sale

Are you looking for trolleys for the industrial environment? You have come to the right place. Two of the popular trolleys for sale in our range are the turntable trolley and the folding nose trolley. While both trolleys are versatile and highly durable, each is purpose-designed. The Turntable trolley is a four-wheeled unit designed in a truck style. It either comes with a long T- or U-shaped handle at the front of the unit, which is affixed below the trolley box section to the steering section.

The turntable trolleys for sale have two front wheels, which can be steered for easier and more efficient handling. They are easily moved as a result, and can either be moved manually or towed. You will find that these trolleys are highly compatible with various industrial applications. The turntable trolleys for sale in our catalogue are designed for all-terrain use, and it comes as no surprise that they are easily able to outperform other market-leading trolleys of the same nature. With large 350 mm wheels, they’re easy to move about, and you can expect them to easily handle a load of up to 680 kg. Turntable trolleys are available with a wooden or steel deck, and if you wish, we can fit pneumatic wheels on for you. Not all businesses require the same type of turntable trolley, so we present two size options to the market as follows:

  • 1 500 mm x 760 mm
  • 1 800 mm x 910 mm



Our folding nose trolleys for sale are just as popular. These trolleys, as their name implies, have a folding nose section which makes it easy to store them. The construction of the folding nose trolley is tubular, and if you are looking for a stair climbing unit, we can offer a suitable conversion. The folding nose trolleys for sale in our catalogue are designed to carry the load and ease the burden, with a load-bearing capacity of up to 180 kg. The 200-mm wheel diameter makes for easy moving and load management, while the 450-mm nose length ensures that packages of various sizes can easily be lifted and moved. We offer two sizes for our clients to choose from as follows:

  • 1 143 mm (height) x 457 mm (width)
  • 1 143 mm (height) x 630 mm (width)


More Trolleys for Sale At CasLad

While our folding nose trolleys and turntable trolleys are popular choices for many, we stock various other products for material handling. When it comes to trolleys though, we also stock and supply a wide selection of additional trolleys for you to choose from. We pride ourselves on offering trolleys for sale of the highest possible quality and durability. If you are looking for a trolley that can truly perform in all types of working environments, our range will not disappoint. Some other types of trolleys for sale in our catalogue include rocker and pallet jacks, heavy-duty case trolleys, coke and brewery trolleys, single and double gas trolleys, platform and stock picking trolleys, plastic dolly and plywood dolly trolleys, small sack and single-arm drum trolleys, and drum decanting trolleys.

Our trolley range certainly needs no introduction to the sector. Our extensive range of trolleys is one that has been available to many applications and work environments for many years. Our experience in the industry allows us to know just what various industries are looking for, and we endeavour to present products to the market that won’t let these industries down.


Find Trolleys for Sale at CasLad

At CasLad we strongly believe that our many years of expertise in our industry allow us to deliver best-in-class trolleys to our sector. All of our products undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure that we have something of value to offer our clients. We want to add value to our customers’ businesses and have earned our reputation as a supplier of an extensive range of high-quality material handling products at competitive rates.

Our skilled and trained consultants will provide you with a friendly and professional service, and will also ensure that you are provided with a wealth of product-related information and advice, so that you can make the right choice for you. To find a range of trolleys for sale that is suited to your industry, simply contact us via email or telephone today.