Extension Ladders

Safe Setup and Use of Extension Ladders

Ladder safety is of the utmost importance in the workplace and at home. In fact, it is required by law that workers are educated on the safe use of ladders and that ladders are checked to ensure safety at all times. An extension ladder is designed so that work can be completed at heights in safety and without excessive stretching. In order to be genuinely safe while making use of such a ladder, it must be correctly set up and safely used from the very first step. If you have ever climbed a ladder and felt it sliding out from beneath you, you will know the terrifying feeling of helplessness and impending disaster. Without the correct ladder setup, you could come tumbling down. Even worse, a staff member could fall and that could translate into medical expenses and potential litigation.

Below are a few step-by-step instructions on the safe setup of your ladders:

  • Ensure that the ladder is set at the correct angle. The correct angle means that it will not slide out from underneath you or lose its purchase when you ascend it. To determine whether the ladder is at the correct angle, stand with your toes against the bottom of the ladder with your arms stretched out in front of you – your palms should just reach the rungs of the ladder.
  • If you are working at greater heights, it is a good idea to secure the ladder to the top of the wall and to this end, ladder stabilisers are great accessories to invest in. These are usually used across window spaces and allow for added stability while using the ladder. It is important that you affix the ladder stabiliser strictly according to the instructions. Many people wrongly think that stabilising the bottom of the ladder is most important, but the top of the ladder can just as easily slide and move. Take care to ensure that both ends are secure and stable before climbing the ladder.
  • Tie the ladder at the top if you plan to climb up and down the ladder a number of times with the ladder in the same position. You can create a temporary anchor rig for your ladder by screwing anchor screws into the fascia boards and then tying the ladder to these. This provides added safety and support.

At Caslad, we do not just provide advice and tips on safe ladder use. We stock and supply a range of extension ladders for your every need. We have the following extension ladder ranges to offer you:

  • FG Range – this range comprises fibreglass heavy-duty extension units. These ladders are non-conductive, making them ideal for electrical applications. There are various models, some with swivel safety feet and others with V-rollers and safety chains. They can carry a load of 135 kg.
  • LFG-PU Range – fibreglass commercial-duty extension ladders. This range offers medium-duty units with non-slip rubber feet, box rungs, and a push-up extension. They can carry a load of 115 kg.
  • DMA Range – aluminium heavy-duty extension ladders, available in both double- and triple-extension options. The units have non-slip rubber feet, box rungs, and a rope and pulley. They can carry a load of 135 kg.
  • DMS Range – aluminium commercial extension ladders. These units have rubber non-slip feet and D-style rungs to minimise twisting. They can carry a load of 115 kg.

Not all ladders are created equal and so it is important to investigate the ladders’ features and make-up to determine if it is well suited to the application. We are always ready to discuss the features and design of each of our ladders with our customers and to help them make the best choice. Whether you are interested in our extension ladders or any of the other ladders in our catalogue, we will guarantee you competitive rates and excellent quality ladders and ladder accessories to match. Let us know what your ladder requirements are and we will advise you on the available options. If you would like more information and advice on our range of ladders and extension ladders, we recommend that you get in touch with us at Caslad. Simply send us an email or give us a call and we will assist you further.