Where to Buy Castors

How to Choose and Where to Buy Castors in South Africa


Although you can buy castors from many DIY retail outlets, if you want industrial-ready equipment for your warehouse, workshop, retail outlet, medical facility, factory, or furniture-removal business, you would want to know where to buy castors that meet your operational requirements.


Before we look at how to choose the right castors, let’s consider where to buy them. As a leading manufacturer of superior quality trolleys and castors, we understand how important weight-bearing capacity, configuration, size, and swivel action are in the choice of castors for the particular work environment, load, type of trolley, and turning capability. As such, we understand clients’ needs and have professional salespeople to help with the selection of products to meet clients’ operational needs. When it thus come to the question of where to buy castors, if you want expert guidance on the selection of the most appropriate products, we meet the requirement.


castorOf course, quality and durability are important factors in the selection of any components associated with carrying weight and moving loads. To this end, we also don’t disappoint. Our products meet strict standards for quality and durability. Thoroughly tested for each application and weight, the products are made to last. When it thus comes to the question of where to buy castors that can withstand daily and heavy use, we once again meet the requirements of a preferred supplier.


Also considering that you probably don’t want just one or two, but quite a few for your trolleys, you will be delighted to know that we can supply in bulk at competitive prices. So, if you want to design and build trolleys for warehouse operations or perhaps grocery stores, we should be your go-to supplier. With branches in the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, and Gauteng, we already have a large footprint. You can buy from anywhere in South Africa and have the products shipped to your address. Our quality guarantee provides additional peace of mind.


On the issue of how to choose castors for your applications, ask the following questions:


·        What is the maximum load that must be carried?

·        On what type of surface must the load be carried?


The heavier and larger the load, the larger the wheel size must be to ensure safe and smooth operation. Select products rated for heavier loads than what you intend to move around.

Consider the operational environment. If it is in a hospital where beds must be moved around or tea trolleys pushed, you want to minimise noise when moving. Also consider the temperature of the surface, as the wheels must be able to handle the particular surface temperature on a daily basis. If used in an environment with corrosive materials on the floor, select products made from polyurethane or steel. Rubber is used in many environments but might not be suitable for work environments where corrosive substances are frequently found on the floor.


View our range of products and get in touch for more information on where to buy castors from us in South Africa, as well as for help in selecting products that meet your needs.