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Ladders are universal tools for both business and personal use. These handy mountable frames grant access to heights that would normally be difficult or impossible to reach. Plumbers use ladders to safely go down utility access holes, while electricians use them to work at height. With a myriad of applications comes a wide selection of ladders to suit every purpose. If you are looking for an all-encompassing ladder supplier, CasLad offers all manner of aluminium and fibreglass frames for industrial and commercial use.

LaddersFibreglass is a light and versatile material that is often used for the manufacture of various types of equipment. Aluminium conducts electricity, so ladders made from this metal can be dangerous in places with high currents. Therefore, electricians prefer fibreglass ladders, because fibreglass is non-conductive. CasLad is a supplier of a large range of both types Today, we will highlight our selection of aluminium ladders. As a supplier of top-quality products, we pride ourselves in our all-inclusive line-up.

Aluminium Ladders for Your Business

Ladders come in various frame designs. One of the most common designs is the A-frame. This type of ladder has two frames that are connected at the top and this allows it to stand on its own; in other words, it does not have to be propped up against a wall or other supporting structure. We are suppliers of aluminium A-frame ladders, with both single- and double-sided options to suit the needs of your business. Our LASD range offers a heavy-duty double-sided aluminium stepladder that can carry 135 kg. As it is a double-sided frame, it is suitable for two people to mount the frame at the same time.

The LASD range has wide tread steps on both sides to optimise safety and stability. The feet of the frame are rubberised to prevent it from moving about while mounted. We offer five different sizes in this range, starting with the LASD 4. As the name suggests, this frame has four steps on each side, reaching a total height of 1,2 m. The largest frame in this range is the LASD 12, featuring 12 steps per side and reaching a height of 3,6 m. If you need an A-frame that for heavy-duty use, the LASD range is the perfect answer to your needs.

We are also a supplier of aluminium extension frames. These frames can retract and extend to suit the needs of the specific application. Our HDE range offers a heavy-duty aluminium extension frame that can also carry a total load of 135 kg. This frame has a rope and pulley for extension functionality. Box rungs prevent the ladder from twisting while mounted and rubber, non-slip feet at the bottom will prevent it from slipping. We offer double- and triple-extension frames to choose from in this range. The shortest double-extension frame can extend to 9.1 m, while the longest triple-extension derivative can extend to 20,1 m.

Should you be looking for a smaller commercial extension ladder, our CE range is ideal. This aluminium extension frame is designed for commercial applications. The frame has a safe working load of 115 kg, featuring non-slip rubber feet to keep the ladder in place while mounted. The frame also features a D-style rung to prevent it from twisting. The CE 420 is the shortest in the range, offering a 2,4-m frame that can extend to 4,2 m. The range offers seven sizes, with the CE 900 being the longest choice.

CasLad is a supplier of both fibreglass and aluminium ladders. We also manufacture industrial trolleys and castor wheels to ensure that your business has access to efficient equipment. For more information on our available products, feel free to browse the website for details and specifications. Choose us as your industrial equipment supplier.