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When it comes to ladders, the concept is simple, and the implementation is brilliant. Ladders offer a viable method for reaching up high or down below with a viable means of returning to the surface. With the use of strong and flexible compounds and materials, namely fibreglass and aluminium, our range of ladders for the commercial and industrial markets offer optimal levels of structural integrity, stability, and durability to grant viable options for almost any work environment.

Fibreglass and aluminium have proven to be so versatile and strong that the modern vehicle market features a plethora of models that have body panels, chassis, and windows made from these materials, proving that fibreglass and aluminium are strong, durable, and safe enough to be implemented for high-speed collisions and keep the passengers in the vehicles safe.

If it is good enough for cars, it is more than equipped for ladders, and this is where CasLad’s range of aluminium and fibreglass ladders shine through. We have branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban, making life easy for people in these major cities to get their hands on one of our incredible ladders. Today, we will cover two specific ladder ranges that can be ideal options for the work environments in Durban, focussing on the commercial and industrial sectors respectively.


CasLad Ladders in Durban

Starting with our commercial option, we feature the LFG-PU range that delivers a fibreglass commercial-duty extension ladder. Since the frame is made from fibreglass, this ladder range is ideal for electrical applications, providing a non-conductive frame to reduce chances of getting electrocuted while working on electricity poles in Durban.

The design allows for push-up extension functionality. It features box rungs to keep the ladder stable while mounted, and non-slip rubber foot pegs to optimise grip and further reduce conducting electricity through your body while mounted. With a safe work load of 115 kg, the LFG-PU range of ladders is idea for a singular person, and an accompanying toolkit to safely mount, climb, and work at height on a fibreglass ladder frame that offers stability and durability.

This range features five different sizes to choose from, starting with the LFG 540 that features a base length of 3 m, and an overall extended length of 5,4 m as the name implies. The range scales to the LFG 900 that features a base length of 4,8 m, and can extend to 9 m in total. Moving on to our industrial option, we offer the HDE range, which features an aluminium heavy-duty extension ladder design that is ideal for ]the industrial sector in Durban.

This range of extension ladders features a rope and pulley to grant extension functionality, and has box rungs to keep the ladder stable and rubber non-slip foot pegs to grant optimal levels of grip when mounted. Featuring a safe workload of 135 kg, these models are ideal for singular people, mounting along with a toolkit or something else of similar weight.

Starting with the double extension models in this range, we begin with the HDE 900, which has a base length of 4,8 m, and is capable of extending to a maximum length of 9,1 m. The double extension models scale to the HDE 1410, which has a base length of 7,5 m, and is able to extend to a maximum length of 14,1 m. Moving on to the triple extension options in the range, the HDTE 1650 has a base length of 6,3 m that can be extended to a maximum of 16,5 m, while the biggest model in the range, the HDTE 2010, has a base length of 7,5 m, and can be extended to a maximum length of 20,1 m for incredible overall reach functionality.

For more information on these incredible ladders that are available in Durban, feel free to peruse our website for images and details, or contact us directly with any further enquiries. Choose CasLad as your ladder supplier in Durban today, and reap the benefits of our comprehensive selection.