The Scottish people are responsible for some of the most ground-breaking, world-changing inventions and discoveries in the entire world. The telephone, tarmac, the saline drip, the hypodermic syringe, penicillin, the television, the fridge, the flushing toilet, and, of course, the absolute pièce de résistance of modern cuisine, deep-fried chocolate bars.

“But… where are you going with this?”, I hear you ask? “We’re here for warehouse equipment, not to listen to you going on about how great Scottish people are.”

I’ll tell you, shall I? It was a Scottish zoologist who first used the name Green Mamba to describe a particular type of venomous snake he discovered in Natal.

“I still don’t get it!”, I hear you cry. “You’ve gone mad! You’re insane!”

Wait. Hear me out. I’m telling you all this because our new range of commercial fiberglass ladders, the FGCE, and the FGCSE, are nicknamed – you got it – the Green Mamba!

“Ah”, I hear you say. “Now I understand your literary genius.” And I say thank you. Thank you very much.

But just how exactly did our new commercial ladders earn the monicker, the Green Mambas?

Are they snakes? Well… no.

Are they poisonous? Don’t be ridiculous.

But they are sleek, long, lightweight and strong. They’re like Formula 1 racing cars, but in ladder form. (Sorry, that’s mixing metaphors.)

So here’s the lowdown. The FGCE is a commercial fibreglass push-up extension ladder that has a load capacity of 115KG, (that’s slightly more than Pumba from the Lion King. And as we all know, he’s a pretty hefty warthog.)

The FGCE comes in 3 different sizes, and as with all fibreglass ladders it’s non-conductive, so it will keep employees safe if they’re doing some electrical work.

It has aluminum locks to secure it at the desired extended height and it comes standard with a pole rung. (In case you’re a spy and want to use the ladder to hack into telephone wires.) Or, you know, even if you just need to repair some telephone wires. But let’s face it, that’s a lot more boring than being a spy.

The FGCSE is slightly different. It’s a commercial fibreglass step extension multipurpose ladder. This one can be used in several different ways and formed into many different shapes, (among them an A-frame, a double extension ladder, or just as a single ladder). Which means you and your employees can have a nice game of Ladder Tetris (which is definitely a thing) in your warehouse if you so choose.

The FGCSE also has a load cap of 115kg, comes in 3 sizes, and is similarly non-conductive. But the FGCSE has an extended base for extra stability, with rubber non-slip feet and an aluminum lock for when it’s used as an extension ladder.

Theses fibreglass ladders are light, safe, strong, and versatile. And they have a really amazing nickname. Let’s face it, you sound a lot cooler saying, “Bring the Green Mamba! We have work to do!”, instead of, “Eh… Get the ladder, will you? I suppose we should get to work.”

See the difference? The Green Mamba makes everything a lot more exciting.

Check out our video on YouTube for the “Green Mambas”

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