The Porsche of Warehouse Equipment

Full electric stacker

The record for the overhead lift stands at 263 kilograms. Pretty impressive. Pretty impressive indeed. But this guy was around six times stronger than the average person, so people like us – normal people, the ones who wheeze and break out into a sweat when the escalators are out of order and we have to walk instead  – can lift maybe 35-40 kilograms over our heads.

Which isn’t great if you’re working in a warehouse. Employees need to be able to lift massive amounts of weight without collapsing into a flat pancake or giving themselves a hernia. They need to be able to stack crates, machinery, pallets. And all of those are pretty much guaranteed to weigh more than 40 kilograms.

That’s where our 1.5 ton full electric stacker comes in. It’s the Porsche of warehouse equipment. It can lift 1.5 tons to 1.9m or 1 ton to its full lift height (so it puts that puny record-holder to shame). It has a fork width of 820mm and a fork length of 1770mm, enough to deal with most of the heavy lifting required.

Gaining access to the top of those hard-to-reach stacks in your warehouse shouldn’t be a problem for this baby. It has an extended height of 3.3 meters, (the average height of an African elephant, in case you were wondering. Or to put it another way, half the size of a London bus.).

The electric stacker has an unladen travel speed of 4km/h and a laden speed of 3.5 km/h. Fast enough to get the job done but not too fast that your employees will be doing dounuts on the warehouse floor.

The electric stackers comes with two 12V 75Ah batteries and is the perfect choice of warehouse equipment if you need something more than our manual stackers.

View the Full Electric Stacker specs and other important info or get a quote right here, by clicking a button below

Check out our video for the Full Electric Stacker

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