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Storage. It’s a universal challenge.

Of course, there are always those ‘over achievers’ who take it to the next level like Jack (not his real name). Recently thrust into the spotlight as the UK’s biggest hoarder, Jack has hoarded so much for the last 25 years that his home is so cluttered he hasn’t been able to use the kitchen or bathroom for 4 years! Impressive. Jack began his storage journey with simple newspapers and magazines, but realised quite quickly that he was destined for glory and moved onto antiques and Roman artefacts, weapons and armour. Every room in his home was filled to the brim with piles of items, some of which were around 6ft tall, can you believe his commitment!

Most of the population aren’t as committed as Jack, but storage still seems to be a hot topic. Lots of people seem to be battling with it because you’ll find some amazing – and handy – storage hacks all over the internet. Some of these ideas are seriously out of the box (no pun intended). Like this one – construct a set of fake books out of cardboard, paint each book spine individually for maximum authenticity, replace actual books on bookshelf with fake facade and then hide items that need storage behind that. There are many more ‘simple’ ideas like that one to be found online.

Or you could ditch the hacks and just get yourself Tote Bins or Industrial Storage Bins right here.

The industrial storage bins are rectangular shape and, rather than having a lid or a lock, each bin is open for easy access to the contents. Made from tough, impact and acid-resistant plastic, fit for a range of uses. The front of each bin has a lip to keep the contents from slipping out, and a label and divider can even be added to make life easy. Available in 7 sizes and 7 colours, black, blue, grey, red, yellow, green and clear, for on-trend tidiness.

View the Tote and Industrial Storage Bin specs, other important info or get a quote right here, by clicking a button below:

Check out the video for the Totes and Industrial Storage Bins

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