Pallet Jacks

The Value of An Effective Pallet Jack

The commercial world offers a variety of challenges, whether it is storage, overall floor space, or the need for quality lifting equipment that can easily carry and transport heavy loads from the shop floor to the storage rooms or a happy customer’s vehicle. Most commercial shopping franchises offer a wide variety of products, ranging from refrigerator units to television sets. Some products are much heavier than expected, and need a lifting device to safely lift and carry them to where they need to go.

With trolleys being adapted to handle these loads, big warehouse-like commercial retailers can easily deal with these heavier items, giving the customers the peace of mind that their newly bought product can make it home safely, and be loaded at the store with utmost care. These specialised trolleys can also be applied in the industrial sector, with models, such as pallet jacks, being ideal for both sectors as a universal trolley lift that can carry almost any material pallet or heavy appliance.

Pallet jacks are some of the most versatile lifting equipment on today’s market, featuring a trolley-like method of operation to offer accessibility to almost anyone capable of manoeuvring a trolley. CasLad offers a pallet jack model that can be ideal for your business or work environment, with high capacity levels and other features that we will focus on today. First, let us have a closer look at the functions of pallet jacks.


What is a Pallet Jack and How does it Operate?

Pallet jacks are more commonly known as pallet trucks. They function as viable lifting equipment for warehouse storage purposes, and are adapted to the commercial market for handling heavy appliances, such as deep freezers. Pallet jacks are commonly designed with a walk-behind concept, giving the operator the same accessibility as pushing a regular trolley around, while offering a sizeable increase in the maximum loading capacity.

Ideally designed to handle material pallets for warehousing purposes, pallet jacks can carry multiple pallets of bricks, stone, and similar building materials with ease to where they need to go. They have low loading levels to ensure stability while moving. The trolley’s centre of gravity is close to the floor to prevent it from tipping over. As a result, pallet jacks offer viable solutions to transporting heavy pallets and items within an industrial or commercial setting, allowing these items to be easily accessed and transported. Pallet jacks also feature a lifting function, but are commonly able to only lift between 100 and 300 mm from the ground, as their loads can become unstable and pose the risk of tipping over when lifted too high from the initial base.


CasLad’s Pallet Jack

Seeing that everyone is familiar with pallet jacks, CasLad offers a viable model that can be used for commercial and industrial purposes. Featuring a robust construction, and a reliable pump for operating under heavy capacity loads, this pallet jack will give you the peace of mind to safely operate within your work environment. Our pallet jack has a maximum load capacity of 3 000 kg, giving you more than enough room to play with regarding loading and stacking.

Our standard model features a fork size of 1 220 mm in length and 685 mm in total width, offering a stable platform on which you can easily load heavy items. Our narrow model features a fork size of 1 066 mm in total length, and 520 mm in overall width, for smaller and more accurate applications. With a maximum lift height of 200 mm, you can easily accomplish what the pallet jack is intended for. It gives you a viable trolley to handle heavy loads and transport various appliances and material pallets with ease. Pallet jacks can easily form part of the daily tools being used in your work environment.

It might not be too long before the concept evolves into a viable commercial trolley for customers to load heavy appliances and transport them to the pay point themselves. The concept of the pallet jack has already been implemented in airport trolleys. Moving forward, there is an unlimited amount of possibilities that could make our lives easier.

CasLad offers a wide range of products, including our take on a pallet jack for commercial and industrial applications. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and further details, or contact us directly with any enquiries.