High Lift Pallet Jack

CASLAD’s 1.5T Manual High Lift Pallet Jack features a total load capacity of 1500 KGs and a lifting height of 800mm; ideal for lifting and returning to an already elevated height. See the specs here. Get your quote here







CASLAD’s Scissor Lift Table is equipped with a manual foot-operated lift, a load capacity of up to 350KG’s and a lifting height of 1300mm. Complete with lockable, heavy duty polyurethane castors, you’ll cut labour in half with the Scissor Lift 💪 See the specs


Love You Staxx


CASLAD is the official distributor for STAXX lifting equipment in South Africa 💛 Buy genuine STAXX products with secure warranties and after sales services. Browse the range

Why Lithium Ion?

With superior energy density, higher voltage, and faster recharge time; Lithium Ion powered pallet jacks are in their own league of efficiency. Newly launched and currently on special, discover this 2T beast today.

Jack Up Your Warehouse


Our 2T Fully Lithium Iron Electric Pallet Jack is designed to accommodate a wide range of warehousing and material handling. Featuring:
✅ A 5yr warranty on the chassis
✅ A load capacity of 2,000KG
✅ Braking capability
✅ Slope, truck tail lift and platform friendly
✅ Up-Right driving
Discover the latest addition to our lifting range today.

1.5T Semi Electric Stacker

Lift with ease, not with your knees. Our 1.5T Semi Electric Stacker will reduce labour intensity, improve work efficiency, and better ensure safe handling. Choose between a lift height of 3m or 3.5m. Explore it here.

Drum Roll Please

Caslad’s Drum Lift Rotator features a versatile design ideal for the depalletising, transporting, stacking and tipping of drums 🛢️ Guarantee less spillage with precision tipping and minimal effort from your workforce. See the specs here.

Scissor Lift Table

Caslad’s Scissor Lift Table is a manual foot operated lift, featuring lockable polyurethane castors and a heavy duty steel construction. Choose from 3 different sizes, with a load capacity of 350KGs, 500KGs, or 1000KGs. Discover it here.