Super Shopper Trolley

CASLAD’s Super Shopper Trolley is designed with a double steel basket, a nesting function, plastic handles for better grip and an electroplated finish. Browse the range 👉

2-Tier Stock Picking Trolley

Designed with a rubber non-slip deck, a tubular construction, and a load capacity of 200KG’s; CASLAD’s 2-Tier Stock Picking Trolley is ideal for stocking, picking and managing inventory. Discover it here 👉

Water Bottle Trolley

Need a unique solution? Our trolleys can be specially modified to suit your business. For a trolley order customised to spec.

Sack Trolley

Ideal for sacks and heavy items that need to be moved frequently; CASLAD’s Sack Trolley streamlines the moving process by supporting the shape, size and weight of the load while also preventing stress on the user. Designed for a load capacity of up to 200 KGs.