Pigeon Hole Cabinets

Available in Ivory Karoo and Hammertone Grey; CASLAD’s Pigeon Hole Cabinets come with the option of  12, 18 or 21 compartments. Discover them here👉

Pneumatic Wheels

Known for their shock absorption, CASLAD’s Pneumatic Wheels are ideal for both off-road and on-pavement operations. Available with steel rims (c/w ball bearings) or a nylon centre (plain bore). Choose between 4 different sizes👉

Water Bottle Trolley

Need a unique solution? Our trolleys can be specially modified to suit your business. For a trolley order customised to spec.

Drum Lift Rotator

Ideal for depalletising, transporting, stacking and tipping drums; CASLAD’s Drum Lift Rotator is designed with a load capacity of 350 KGs and ensures controlled decanting is carried out with ease. Choose from a lift height of 1.4m or 3m.