1.5T Semi Electric Stacker

Lift with ease, not with your knees. Our 1.5T Semi Electric Stacker will reduce labour intensity, improve work efficiency, and better ensure safe handling. Choose between a lift height of 3m or 3.5m. Explore it here.

1.5T Semi Electric Stacker

CASLAD’s 1.5T Semi Electric Stacker is designed with a load capacity of 1500 KGs and a lift height of 3 or 3.5m. Ideal for lifting, lowering and transporting your pallets, get the full specs here 👉

500KG Semi Electric Self Loading Stacker

With a load capacity of 500 KG’s, a lift height of 1300mm, and a lifting speed of 55mm/s; there won’t be any buyer’s remorse with the 500KG Semi Electric Self Loading Stacker. Discover it here 👉